IPLTool updated, Allows you to decrypt, sign, validate and finally also correctly encrypt PSP IPLs

IPDTool is an All In One Purpose tool for decrypting, encrypting, signing and validating ipls of PSPs. This works for PSP1000, 2000, and Devkits. It is not really helpful to normal users but helpful for Devs. With the new version, it is finally able to correctly encrypt IPLs which can allow replacing the normal time attacked one that is used on 1k and 2k PSP to install a Permanent CFW with a proper rebuilt one and also run CFW on DevKit PSPs, dump the preIPL and more.


This will sadly not help with PSP3k, Go and Street since for them we would first need to dump the preIPL according to Mathieulh

You can find the repository here.

I hope that one day we’ll be able to dump the preIPL of 3k,Go and Street PSPs to allow for unbricking and permanent CFW Installation. I know we already have Infinity but this will allow for just a bit more of functionality when it comes to unbricking.

Source: Mathieulh


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