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New 8Bitdo controllers for your Switch, Android, Windows or MacOS

With E3 currently around 8Bitdo showcased their new batch of controllers for the Switch which can also be used on Android, Windows, MacOS and probably pretty much anything that has Bluetooth and can map buttons.

First of there’s the 8Bitdo SNES30 Pro and SFC30 Pro. For everyone who doesn’t know, SFC is the Asian name of the SNES. Well as the name suggests its a Controller designed like the good old SNES Controllers.
8Bitdo controllers

But of course since it’s just looking like a good old SNES Controller it’s packed with nice little features like Bluetooth, USB-C Charging Port, Rumble Vibration and Motion Controls. It will arrive in Holidays 2017.

8Bitdo even shared a few more pictures of the SNES30 Pro controller on Twitter and I do like the Design.

Next up there’s also a classic that’s still often used many times if you play fighting games. That’s correct. The next controller is an NES Themed Arcade Stick.

This Arcade Stick features Bluetooth, Joystick & D-Pad Modes and something called “Turbo”. I have no idea what that “Turbo” could mean but maybe someone can lighten me up.
EDIT: Thank you to Tecmanpr for telling me that the Turbo button is meant as, for example, an Auto-Fire button which will pulse a selected button. This can be especially helpful in games where you need to fire like a machine gun. The Arcade Stick will also come with a cable which will allow you to use it in wired mode.

The last thing they announced is something called the TwinCube Stereo Speakers. As weird as it sounds as funny is the actual device.

These are two Bluetooth speakers with a D-Pad on top of them and kept in style with the Blue and Red Switch Joy-cons. What I find even more interesting though is how they will run on an actual switch. Since a switch doesn’t support audio over Bluetooth you will most likely have to use them together with an aux cable which will make these Speakers a lot less fun to use on a Switch. As said multiple times already the Speakers feature Bluetooth, are Stereo Speakers and feature a direct aux input.

If you like retro themed Controllers which still feature all the nice little additions that today’s normal controllers have you should really check out 8Bitdo and their controller line-up.

Source: 8Bitdo

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  1. The turbo is the auto fire botton. It will pulse the selected botton just by leaving it press. Good for shotting games that needs to fire like a machine gun.

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