RetroArch now supports 4 players on the PSTV

RetroArch is always pushing out new nightly builds for the PSVita and PSTV, that can use HENkaku. Sometimes these builds are a little buggy but with most of the updates they always try to bring a few tweaks that work or don’t work out so well. Now with this recent update, they have added 4 player support for the PSTV.


Some people might not know this but the PSTV can do 4 players and in older FW it only supported 2 players, if I recall right Fw3.50 brought 4player support. I could be wrong and it could have been FW3.36 but anyways, we have 4 player support on the PSTV and now Retroarch can use it. If you remember a few releases back they tried to get 2 player support working but for some reason,it didn’t work. Well, this time, they got it down and they also got Tyrquake working.retroarch-pstv

You can get RetroArch’s latest nightly build here and if you like their stable release you can get it here.

If you are looking for more Homebrew and Emulators you can use with HENkaku, check out our download section here and forums here as the download thread get’s updated all the time.


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