Has YouTube Lost It’s Ever Loving Mind?!?

I come to you all today with an issue that has caught my eye. It seems that YouTube has lost its mind with the latest Terms and Services changes.

Now I’m not a huge fan of YouTube and mostly use it for DIY videos and sometimes to watch awesome YouTubers like Jethrotex, HackinformerTV, MxR Mods, and TheOwlHat just to name a few.

What really caught my eye is thisPrv3kPm


In short, YouTube considers the following to not be “advertiser-friendly” content: sexually-suggestive content, violence, inappropriate language, promotion of drugs and other regulated substances, and controversial or sensitive subjects and events. If your video falls under any of those content categories, they may not monetize it. In addition, if they choose to approve it for monetization, then it may not be eligible for all available ad formats.

Most importantly, these guidelines regulate how content creators can disclose sponsorship of their videos. In the Terms of Service, content creators are explicitly told not to embed promotions for your own sponsors in your video since this can create advertiser conflict.
So is this a form of censorship or just a way for YouTube to make money and control the people that made this site as big as it is?

Many YouTubers have taken to Twitter to share their displeasure with the enforcement of YouTube’s Terms of Services.
Here are a few that have shared their dislike for the new rules.




Some have even done it right on the site it self.

So is the party over? How do you feel about this please let us know in the comments section below I really want to know how this affects you and how you feel this will change the way we all enjoy YouTube in the future.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. Minds.com looks rather promising not only as a Youtube alt, but a Twitter, Facebook, and general blog site as well.

  2. Since a bunch of corrupt politicians and world wide criminal schemes are being exposed, those in control are censoring anything that goes against them. That’s why they are pushing this censoring, the president is even handing over the Internet to the United Nations, that means more censorship at a global level. America is losing its basic freedoms. Wake up fellow gamers and look at what’s going on around the world.

  3. I think this is funny and hope the ever popular autistic man children end up out on the street hehehe. YouTube has pretty much always sucked since Google bought it.

  4. Since I can’t say it there, fuck these guys. I TRIED to be a YouTube reviewer back in the last decade, but rules like this were one reason I quit… and it wasn’t nearly as bad in 2008 as it is now.

  5. While I do agree with your article riddle43, I also think that stricter egulations needed to be done concerning ads and YouTube has done a legitimate step kind of prohibiting so called inapropriate content. When I think of me visiting YouTube as a German citizen, 9/10 ads are from right wing parties advertising their cause which I think is inapropriate as can be especially when a child is watching some gameplay or whatnot. So YouTube does have a point there in my opinion.
    I totally disagree to the other policy about not being allowed to self-advertise though so this is a point where they need to improve drastically

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