3DS: Pokemon ORAS Userland exploit is it Real or Fake *again*?

We already did a post today about Linux running on OFW PS4 through a BDLive fail where it looks like this isn’t possible and here we are with another controversial exploit, but for the 3DS this time. Developer MrNbaYoh posted a video showing him entering his base in Pokemon ORAS and then from a menu selecting something and booting the Homebrew launcher.

Shortly after this was posted people over on GBATemp opened a thread and started speculating what type of exploit it will be. It is now confirmed that the exploit is a secondary exploit (which means you will need ninjhax or any other hax to install this first and it is compatible with FW 11.0. But there is still the question, is it real. Developer Astronautlevel stated on GBATemp the following:

I’m going to have to call fake on this one, the screen init was weird, the hax was too quick, and the ORAS data has been mined to the end of the world already. I can’t believe that he found something that everyone else who looked at it, including yellows8, didn’t find.” and Developer OctopusRift also had something to say about this and a pretty plausible way of faking this.
“There should be many stages of where it gains access to whatever services. There are so many ways to fake it. That’s all. :)

“The video looks pretty legit to me. There doesn’t appear to be any cuts in the video or tomfoolery.

HANS exits babe”

Here is another explanation by user Crystal the Glaceon:

Ok, so I am awake now and got some NOS (energy drink) in my system. So I started watching the video on my AMAZING shitty laptop. Still, 720p with a 15in display, so better viewing than my phone.
Still I noticed a lot of things wrong with the video now. First, at 16 to 17 seconds into the video, his thumb moved from the A button, quickly over the Y button. Watch the shadow in the video really closely and you will notice it.
I also noticed that when he launched the homebrew launcher, it didn’t show all of the colours that it’s suppose to show, it just went straight to Homebrew launcher (noticed thanks to the help of @OctopusRift and @astronautlevel) Which is actually super important. Those colours are showing the many stages of that it takes to boot into homebrew launcher. Not to mention they are part of every single homebrew exploit.
So yeah, it doesn’t look fake or edited, because it wasn’t edited. But this isn’t a real exploit like what’s already been suggested, it’s just ORAS being launched through HANS and he set Y as the soft-reset back to homebrew launcher.”

So, all in all, it looks pretty bad for this but there are also people claiming to have the exploit save and that it indeed works.
Shortly after all the uproar about the exploit the Developer posted this video showing that he booted a payload saying Hacked by NBA_YOH

So I hope that this exploit is actually true and we’ll see how this drama continues to unfold. I think we really need a counter as to how many hours passed since the last drama alert 😀 . I think we wouldn’t even get past 24 hours 😀

Source: MrNbaYoh, GBATemp

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  1. if so ,sky3ds+ will be always powerful ” game4deal”

  2. oussama mrissa

    it’s true, he released it on his twitter. it won’t work every time and it’s not stabel. he also advised backing up the nand first

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