Raspberry Pi: The Gameboy Zero

Following our last write-up about ‘What’s the best game console to turn into Emulationstation?‘ the Raspberry Pi obviously couldn’t make it to the results as it’s no gaming console if we put it that way.. BUT we thought it definitively should get mentioned separately! Additionally (if you aren’t following us since yesterday), you might know that we love the Raspberry and doing projects with it since you can literally do EVERYTHING you can think of and transform it in a pretty decent emulation station easily!

Therefore I would like to present to you the following just released project called GameBoy Zero by wermy as it perfectly fits our topic:

Within the past there were quite a couple of these builds and simliar projects presented online following the goal of fitting everything into the original GameBoy DMG shell while keeping most of the functions like the volume control for example. And trust me, this can be quite hard to do!! But with the GameBoy Zero, its once again something special as its the first solution making use of the original cartridge which is a great idea and became possible because of the new tiny Raspberry Pi Zero giving you more space inside the case.




Together with EmulationStation you can emulate almost all older consoles like NES, SNES and Game Boy systems and take your childhood with you.. WITH STYLE! (Of course the performance varies between the different Raspberry models and you will get an even better experience with the Pi 3 for example. There are tons of emulators from pc ports like Doom to even PlayStation Portable working now!)


You can view more pictures of the project here and if you consider building something yourself check out the adafruit shop for all kinds of parts!

I for myself decided to redo my very own Raspberry Gameboy project with a Pi Zero soon! 🙂

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