First 3rd party controller for the PS4 with touchpad capabilities by HORIPAD FPS Plus

Here is the first 3rd party controller for the PS4 with touchpad capabilities, Hori doesn’t just stop there; by adding a wide range of value added features to the new Horipad FPS Plus, the end product is a new way to play for gamers looking for that extra edge in both precision and control.Horipad

Based on the original Horipad FPS, the Horipad FPS Plus retains the asymmetrical thumb stick placement similar to the Xbox configuration and comes in a sophisticated metallic finish.

The sticks themselves apply a constant pressure feedback lending to precise aim and control, and to take this even further, there is a special target button that toggles with 3 levels of sensitivity on the back – for changing stick sensitivity on the fly – ideal for instant long range targeting.

There’s even been change to how stick sensitivity reacts; the yaw, roll and pitch follow a gradual slope as opposed to a linear one, so movement is even smoother, and avoids all form of abrupt jerkiness whenever sensitivity is increased.

For the buttons themselves, a turbo feature can be turned on for the face buttons, d-pad buttons, and triggers; the Horipad FPS Plus also allows custom button mapping.

The FPS Plus is compatible with both the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4, and comes wired with a 3 meter length cable. The only caveat is that the light bar, motion sensor, and headphone jack are missing, but for unparalleled and refined control, the Horipad FPS Plus does this in absolute spades.

  • First 3rd Party PS4 Controller with Clickable Touch Pad
  • Metallic Finish
  • Rear Target Button w/ 3 Levels of Sensitivity
  • Turbo Feature for Face/D-pad/Trigger Buttons
  • PS3 Compatible
  • Precision Sensitive Asymmetrical Thumbstick Placement
  • Cable Length: 3m
  • Size: 62 mm x 115 mm x 63 mm

Hori Pad FPS Plus (Red) $34.99

Hori Pad FPS Plus (Blue) $34.99

You can pre order the Red one here and Blue one here


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