Good News Everyone!! Ratalaika Games Officially Announces Their Next Game!


Hello everyone riddle43 here to share with you some really good news from our dear friends at Ratalaika Games! You may remember them from my interview, which you can read it here. They are developers of such games as  H. Haunted House, Death Derby, and Guardians of the forest!

Today, I bring you news of the latest game in development called “The Minotaur” their  new action – puzzle game that will launched on PC and Wii U, (Now this doesn’t mean it won’t be seen on other platforms, but only time will tell.)

This game is inspired by the classic MS-DOS “The Beast” where the player has to kill Minotaurs moving the blocks, crushing or enclosing them. The game also features several difficulty levels which leave the most powerful Minotaurs, as always, they will be a real challenge.

Original Game shown below


Here is what they had to say in there own words

-Our game’s version will be something similar but with a remastered graphics, it also includes a few extra modes (besides the classic single player mode) such as:
– Challenge Mode: There will be maps in which the player will need to kill the Minotaurs respecting some parameters, reduced number of blocks, or movements for example.
– Co-op mode (Local): This mode actually exists in the original game, but we have also taken our version. We could also play with a friend in local mode to kill the minotaurs.
– VS Mode (Local): A player will control the Minotaur while another control the human, they have to kill each other.
– We are considering making an online mode, but we need to think how will be oriented.

The game is currently completed in a 70%, so they decided to show this little teaser with the basic mechanics of the game: move blocks and catching a Minotaur.


The video is zoomed in and the game map will look like in the picture below.

The Minotaur pictured below


Ratalaika Games will be uploading the game to, Steam Greenlight in the following weeks. Soon as its available we will be sure to let you know, so stay tuned to hackinformer for the latest news on this upcoming game!

You can check out there site for more news and games at

As always thanks for reading, remember you can find me on twitter @riddle43  happy gaming!

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