New Psvita kernel exploit on its way?

It looks like there could be a new Psvita kernel exploit on its way. So far we have not seen any Kexploit since Uno in Firmware 2.02 of the Psvita. Well, it looks like Total Noob is back on the scene with a update for TN-V. It looks like it’s going to be a update for Uno or other TN-V exploits. This revision Of  TN-V will have high memory support and many of the bugs are fixed and even talking about a release for firmware 2.12 or the newest available . So how many of your are still interested in this update? Check it out–>

 As to when we will see either of them, nothing to confirm right now but well keep you updated with some more information in due time; make sure to check back. And while this sounds great, I would highly recommend not updating and losing your kernel exploit if you have one until things are set in stone.

update: Total_Noob just confirmed that sony removed the ability for the extra memory with FW 2.60. So no high memory support

What does a  Kernel exploit do for the psvita? It acts just like a hacked psp but, in emulation mode in the psvita.  So you can play all your psp backups(ISO-CSO), emulators and homebrew on your PSvita. 

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