PSVita: Qwikrazor87 finds unpatched Kexploit for FW3.51?

The Vita scene has been jumping around with all kind of goodies ever since UVloader was released and many of us may have thought epsp was out the window with the recent patches to the Vita in FW3.51-3.52.

Well we have some good new for all you epsp fans as Qwikrazor87 is back from his hiatus and has discovered that Sony did not patch one of the kexploits. It’s still unknown if this will work on FW3.52.

Now there are still a few obstacles in his way like Ark seems to crash when running it and he does not have a usermode exploit to go with it. That’s not a super big deal at the moment as Qwikrazor87 has surprised us all before with his finding and doesn’t take him to long to work his magic.

We might be in luck as  may have a usermode exploit to go with this Kexploit seen here in this tweet.

We will keep you updated on this recent discovery, but for now this is great news thanks to Qwikrazor87 and lets just hope for the best.


Update #1: katsu’s files have just been confirmed working on 3.51!!


If you are on the newest firmware and own the PS Mini game “Puzzle Scape” we need your help to test it out on 3.52!

THIS IS ONLY A PROOF OF CONCEPT!! It does not run TN-V or VHBL. It’s only to show you that the exploit will trigger..

Here are the files for a simple colorflasher PoC:
(just start the game select “Gallery” and load the savegame)

So please report back! Thanks!

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  1. soo is there nothing for the usa store ??

  2. it’s very sad there’s nothing for US Store 🙁

  3. I don’t know anything about hacking, but if color flasher means a yellow and green colors flashing then it worked!!!
    I don’t know
    It just showed flashing green and yellow colors

  4. That’s exactly what it should do

  5. how can i download in pstore without fw updating? vita update blocker v1.2 seems not work in my vita fw 3.50, they keep forcing me to software update

    • The only way to transfer content to your Vita is through a PS3. (Those blockers work for the pre-latest firmware and for a limited time only.)

  6. Hi I just tested the Puzzle Scape PoC on the following Vita!

    Model: PCH1102 (WiFi + 3G)
    Region: Australia
    Firmware: 3.52

    If its supposed to have a screen that flashes Yellow and Green then it worked fine! No crashes or anything.

  7. puzzle scape PoC on vita 3.52 UK

    Working fine,no crashes.

  8. Just for the record, Puzzle Scape is STILL available for sale on the Australian/Euro PS Store! So get it while you can guys!

    Seems Sony is slacking off a bit these days, thought they would have pulled the game from the stores for sure! Oh well, thats a good thing, more people get to grab it =D!

    Now the hard part, waiting for something like VHBL to be ported to this exploit! I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff, Id do it myself!

  9. As of 7th August 2015 Puzzle Scape is STILL for sale on the Australian PSN store! I dont think Sony seem to care about pulling this game lol