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Game Genie for PS3! Cheating lives again thanks to Hyperkin!!

About two years ago I thought, “man, it would be really cool to have some ungodly stats on Final Fantasy 13.” I then began my search on the internet.

Game Genie

I first came across bruteforce and thought it would be great to do this for free! I downloaded the program and added codes. Save came up corrupt every single time. I was completely frustrated. I now realize that SquareEnix is notorious, like most companies, for putting checksums in their game saves and that was my issue. Then, after a little more searching on the web, I came across Game Genie for PS3. Now, I’m a cheap ass so naturally I did some reading. It all looked good so I figured, what the heck, it’s only $30. WOW! Was I surprised. I bought the program and downloaded it.

Didn’t take but a minute to download, even on my super slow 2.5mbps DSL. I connected my thumb drive with my save on it and it showed up. I double clicked and all of these cheats popped up. I was in cheat heaven, but I was still skeptical because I had done all of this before to no avail. I clicked the checkboxes next to the cheats I wanted and headed back to my room with my trusty sword( thumb drive). I load the save up and low and behold I have tons of gil and an unbelievable amount of stats!!! I was elated to say the least. Then I discovered all of the other games that are supported and I was in cheat heaven. I later found the forum for the Game Genie for PS3 and all of the extra codes that exist there. Every moderator and admin I talked to was nice and courteous, which you don’t find very often.

Game Genie

Then, Lightning Returns came out. I wanted cheats for it so bad I could taste them. I had been keeping an eye on the forums for discussion, while also participating, and one day I come home to find that a lot of cheats were added, only to be pulled with the exception of the gil code. They were messing up saves. I wanted my stats changed. I had noticed Advanced Mode in the drop down menu but had no idea what it was. I read up on the forum and found a good description of AM by my now good friend Gaarasaiyan. It detailed how to use it and how to convert decimal numbers into hexadecimal. I thought I would give it a shot. As amazing as this is I picked a great game to start with and got lucky. I found my stats and modded them on my own. I felt like the smartest man alive that night. I dove into AM and started chatting with the mods.

Game Genie

I later became a moderator myself, which I still am, and became friends with an amazing group of guys. Needless to say, Game Genie for PS3 is an amazing tool. You don’t have to deal with any of the hex code if you don’t want to. Just click and apply. Now, the only down side to this product is that the games must be added by Team Game Genie before you can mod your save with it. They are good about adding games and are always taking requests. Some games are a lot more difficult to code than others and a small few are downright impossible. If you want to cheat on your PS3, this is by far the way to go! Hyperkin has done an amazing job with this one. There is a huge list of supported games and they’re always adding more. Right now the supported list contains 459 games. Not too shabby! If you have any questions about it I’m always around. I would recommend getting the digital version although there is a USB version of the US Game Genie for PS3. The US digital version can be found HERE and there is also an EU version that supports both US and EU games. The EU Game Genie is purchasable HERE! You can find a list of supported games at both of those sites.

Thanks for reading and as always… HAPPY GAMING!!!

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  1. we could really use one for hte vita

    • Yeah, I agree. I’ve discussed it with the team and there are a couple of problems. The first and most important is that the demand just isn’t there. Think of how many people actually own a Vita compared to a PS3. The Vita community, while large and dedicated, isn’t near big enough for Hyperkin to develop a product strictly for it. The second problem is what happens if they do decide to make a Vita Game Genie and then six months later something like CWCheat comes out for the Vita? It would destroy their entire work. Why would you buy a product when you can get essentially the same thing for free. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see one. I just don’t see it being a feasible business opportunity and that’s what matters in the end.

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