Destiny’s Latest Patch Update for House of Wolves Fixes Prison of Elders, Trials of Osiris and More

In Destiny’s latest patch, which went live on June 2, Bungie announced on their website detailed patch notes which outlined key changes to their largely popular MMOFPS game Destiny. This patch fixes many bugs which arose since the release of the second expansion House of Wolves, which launched on May 19.



The new DLC introduced a new PvE arena The Prison of Elders, which allows players to engage with four different difficulty levels ranging from 28, 32, 34 and 35. This was a welcome change of pace in comparison to the developers insistent inclusion of raids such as the Vault of Glass and the games first expansion raid Crota’s End. 

Various adjustments introduced in the patch include a higher rate of  Treasure Key drops found from the Ether Chests as well as when the first Wanted Fallen Bounty is completed, players will receive Treasure Keys. In light of the update, players are now barred from looting a single Ether Chest multiple times after clearing out the frenzied wolves found on Earth, Venus and the Moon.

The PvP event Iron Banner which is the first instance since the release of the second expansion, has also undergone various changes in this recent update which returned on Tuesday, June 2.

  • New PvP maps The Cauldron and Pantheon have been added to the playlist, as well as the Exodus Blue map on the PlayStation
  • Lower-ranked Guardians on your account will receive a reputation boost to catch up to your higher-ranked Guardian more quickly
  • Etheric Light is now available for purchase at Rank 3 and Rank 5
  • The Gunsmith can now reforge Iron Banner weapons (Lord Saladin used to be the reforging service)
  • Rewards now cost less Glimmer

A break down of key changes implemented in the update include:

  • The first Wanted Fallen Bounty completed each week is now guaranteed to drop a Treasure Key
  • Increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from Ether Chests
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from the small chests at the end of Prison of Elders
  • Ether Chests may only be looted once per spawn
  • Ether Chests will now grant a small amount of Queen’s Wrath reputation when opened
  • Ether Chests now have a chance to drop Tokens of Flight, Tokens of Identity, and Tokens of Judgement.

Prison of Elders

  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from the small chests
  • Class Items will now drop from Level 32, Level 34, and Level 35
  • Damage caused by Qodron’s Gaze is reduced by 25%
  • Damage multiplier for the Jailbreaker buff is increased by 100%
  • Players will need to defeat Skolas again to receive the ‘Elder Cipher’ Bounty

Trials of Osiris

  • Passage Coins can now be dismantled
  • Fixed an issue in which Trials of Osiris emblems were not sent to the Postmaster if your Emblem inventory was full

Weekly Heroics

  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Heroic strikes did not award engrams (Note: Tooltip will not display them as rewards)

For more details, the full patch notes can be found at


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