Week in Review: 4/11 Exploits, pay backs, interview and new releases

Hello everyone, its that time again for the week in review and this week does not disappoint. We have new releases and a Q/A with the return of a up and coming native Vita hacker BBalling1 so lets kick this off.

Sony is finally sending out those settlement claim email’s for falsely advertising the PSVita

money back..

Do you remember last year when Sony agreed to settle it’s lawsuit over claims that it falsely advertised the PSVita console. So anyone in the U.S. who purchased the handheld before to June 1, 2012 is entitled to $25 cash or one of three different game bundles. Well Sony is finally sending out those email’s for the settlement claims, so here’s how it works..

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How the convert CEX to DEX for the PS3


Now Darthsternie has wrote up a handy little guide for the PS3 on how the convert CEX to DEX. Now this guide can be used for both scenarios if you want to go from CEX to DEX or from DEX to CEX. Darthsternie as also included a guide for old rebug firmwares. So what’s needed to get this conversion started.. CFW PS3 USB Stick a PC Dathsternie’s handy little guide You can check out is guide on our forums here.

BBalling1 is back in the native psvita hacking scene




Hello everyone, it’s riddle43 here with a Q & A from one of the up and coming developers of the native PSVita hacking scene @BBalling1. He has been kind enough to let us dive into his mind to see what makes him tick

Find out what he had to say here.

A different type of custom themes for PS Vita?


Custom themes, which have always been one of the PS Vita’s most wanted features, may be more real than any of us thought. At least according to these tweets from Tuesday I’m sure you think of a lot of questions, but there’s not much that can be shared at the moment. I guarantee you that those tweets below are not fakes. The people responsible for this are Major Tom and Mr.Gas, who back in December released so far the only public method to create custom bubbles, and SMOKE, who started this Tuesday craziness. Take a look at those tweets and let us know what you think about this.

Find out more here.

3DS: Emunand and eShop access on FW 9.6.0-24


If you have read up on gateway ultra 3ds lately you might know the struggle of 9.6.0-24. However, what if i told you there is way to get access to emunand and eshop without a flashcart! That’s right no gateway required for these functions, all thanks to 3DS dev Roxas75. RXTools is a game changer and can offer alot.

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Patched PSPFiler and VitaFTP Bubble


This only works for Firmwares 3.36 and 3.50 is not supported, due to the Fact that the Bubble method got patched in 3.50 You will need: Way to edit filesystem.(VHBL,ARK,TN-V)

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PS Vita FW 3.50 kernel exploit files released for world of pool/pool hall pro


In the previous article, we told you the name of a game you’d need to run Qwikrazor’s latest kernel exploit for firmware 3.36 and the first one for firware 3.50 – World of Pool (EU)/Pool Hall Pro (US)

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

2015-04-09 18.34.43

Hello Everyone! Finally, our staff got their hands on these new smartphones, and today I can do a review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The most particular of Samsung family and the first smartphone a curved display…

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[Release] Webkit ★ Package installer launcher


By popular demand, I’ve decided to release my little rop script i created for PS Vita’s on pre-2.00 firmwares. The reason I created this mainly for practice and learning purposes.

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How to find a new Nintendo 3DS XL on FW 9.2-9.0


I bet you’ve seen alot of blogs talking about if the N3DSXL is worth upgrade. The value of the N3DSXL lies in time of preorders and availability. N3DSXL models on FW 9.2 -9.0 give you access to gateway, Ninjhax, Rx Tools and NTR CFW.

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Well there you have it another week gone into the books of history i hope you had as much fun as we did and as always you can find me on twitter @riddle43.

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