All these Rumors about a new PSvita

All these rumor about a new psvita, have hinted at the possibility of an upgraded model coming sooner than most may have expected. We all will see the stores, start doing a price drop and special sales to get rid of old models. So keep a lookout for price drop on the PSvita

(Picture of a Dev system)



Although the credibility of this report comes into question by myself and my colleagues, these are the details nonetheless:

  • A new 4G LTE model of the PSvita will be replacing the 3G model sometime this year (source say). According to the source, this will be the so-called “price drop” that has been rumored for the Vita as the new model will retain the $299 price point for an upgraded system.
  • The Wi-Fi version will still be available on the market for $249
  • A significant firmware update will go live bringing in a lot of requested features.
  • The rumore has the new model may be unveiled around the  PS4 releases, but will not hit the market until later next year.
  • Big talk about price cut on memory cards will be made. No details on prices.


According to the source, no other real hardware changes will be made to the Vita and all other specs and features will remain the same (so far). As for the 4G model, the regions where it will be available, in addition to info on any data plan pricing was not available.

As stated before, this is a rumor and credibility comes into question, so take it with a whole pile of salt, if you would like; But it should be interesting if it really pans out. We will reach out to Sony to see if they have any comment on this.

Sound off in the comments below: If you think a 4G LTE model of the Vita will be announced this year, would you be willing to get it? Would you like to see a bigger price cut on the system itself? Or would you be happy to just receive a price cut on the memory cards?  lets Discuss!

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