Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is getting a Western release this summer!

Recently Marvelous Entertainment‘s Senran Kagura water gun waifu shooter fun spin-off Peach Beach Splash has been updated! The update to version 1.08 has added several new features to the game! These new features include a new game mode, a new map, and two new story episodes for you to enjoy! Let’s take a look below, and afterward get to know more of the girls of PBS!New Multi-Splash Rule: Capture the FlagAnyone who’s played a team base shooter will be familiar with this classic game mode. Simply put teams compete to capture the enemy team’s flag then attempt to return it to their own teams camp.

New Map: Pinball Land

This new stage is modeled after a pinball machine with a cyber-esque theme. The map is usable in Multi-Splash and Diorama modes.

Two New Episodes

  • Spectacular Photos on the Beach! – Need new material for her blog, Shiki looks to snap some sexy shots of the beautiful girls!
  • Unrivaled Foe – Daidouji awaits Rin to find out who won but instead it’s Miss R who shows up!

That’s everything for the new update! Now let’s learn about more of the participants in the Peach Beach Splash tournament.

Daidoji (Voiced by Yū Asakawa)

Birthday: November 11
Age: 26 years old
Blood type: type B
Height: 170 cm
Three Sizes B: 100 W: 58 H: 98
Hobby: Exceeding Limits
Favorite Food: Meat

A third-year student of the Hanzo National Academy(?). The legendary senior who continues to pursue strength and has trained to the limits of the human body. She looks to meet with her best friend and rival, Rin. While she always seeks for further improvement, she also seeks to explore her femininity as well as her own strenght.

Rin (Voiced by Suzuko Mimori)

Birthday: September 30
Age: 27 years old
Blood type: type A
Height: 160 cm
Three Sizes B: 97 W: 57 H: 90
Hobbies: World Peace
My favorite food: Beans

A former student of the Hanzo National Academy. After an incident where she was presumed dead, she defected from the Hanzo Academy and assumed the identity of Suzune, a teacher of the Hebijo Academy. She lives a teach to return the favor to the person who saved her.

Jasmine (Voiced by Rie Tanaka)


Birthday: January 1st
Age: 81 years old
Blood type: type B
Height: 174 cm
Three sizes B: 90 W: 53 H: 91
Hobbies: Travel / Fashion
Favorite food: Sukiyaki

Her real name is Sayuri and is actually Asuka’s grandmother, who was a former Kagura-ranked shinobi. To fully demonstrate the power of her heyday she used a technique to change her body’s age. Apparently, PBS type competitions were held in the past and Jasmine has taken part in them.

Ryoki (Voiced by Kikuko Inoue )


Birthday: July 26
Age: 17 years old
Blood type: none
Height: 171 cm
Three Sizes B: 94 W: 55 H: 89
Hobbies: Her Sisters
Favorite food: Eggplant and Cucumber

The older sister of Ryobi and Ryona, who died fighting against the Youma. While she was revived during the special Kagura Festival, she wishes to rest again. Because she’s already dead she will never age. She even says “Forever seventeen years old” (Oi!! Oi!!). If you happen to touch her halo her personally will switch to one who’s a lot more violent until her halo is touched again.

It also seems several new characters will be joining the fun soon. Four girls from the Ikkitousen series will be available at some point, more on them when they’re out!

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash was released in Japan on March 16th, 2017 but the Western releases for will be launching this summer!

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash
Marvelous Entertainment | PlayStation®4 | Genre: Third-person shooter
Release date: March 16, 2017 – Japan
 / NA & EU – Summer 2017

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash (PlayStation 4™, JPN) US$ 59.99 24h
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash [Nyuu Nyuu DX Pack] (PlayStation 4™, JPN) US$ 94.99 24h

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