Review: Valiant Hearts -The great war-

Valiant_Hearts_artI want to tell you about a great PS Plus game for this month of March called Valiant Hearts: The great war, published by Ubisoft. This wonderful little game is inspired by letters written during the Great War and gives us a heart warming story of four characters and all they had to endure.

The game is a single-player puzzle adventure game with historical bits and 100 collectible items. The story begins in the year 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been assassinated and Germany declares war on Russia in response. Anticipating war, France begins to deport all German citizens. Karl, one of the many Germans deported, is forcibly separated from his wife Marie and their son Victor. Karl is then drafted into the German army. Likewise, Marie’s father and Karl’s father-in-law Emile is drafted into the French army.VH_SC_12_Emile_Train_station_148644

After training, Emile is thrown into battle at Marne, where his unit is wiped out and he is wounded, captured, and forced to cook for the Germans.Karl (Emiles’s son-in-law) is serving under Von Dorf as one of his soldiers and he recognizes Emile. However, the Allies attack Von Dorf’s camp and Karl is forced to flee with Von Dorf. Emile escapes in the confusion and meets Freddie, an American who volunteered to join the French army after his wife was killed in a German bombing raid led by Von Dorf. They also meet Anna, a Belgian student who doubles as a battlefield nurse, and Walt, a Doberman Pinscher¬†from the German army who is always willing to help.

VALIEach of the four characters have there own unique traits that alow them to get through the battle feilds they come across, and at times have to work together to solve the puzzles that lie before them. Emile has a shovel which lets him dig through soft ground, Freddie carries shears which can be used to cut through barbed wire, and Anna is able to treat patients for injuries, which requires the player to press buttons with precise timing. Additionally, players can issue various commands to a dog named Walt, who is able to squeeze into small areas, hold onto and fetch certain items, activate switches, and move around without being suspected by the enemy.valiant1

This game also offers true bits of knowledge of what happened during WW1, so for the younger players there is a chance to learn a little while enjoying the game set before you.The puzzles are fairly easy and the aid that the story telling the game offers.VH_SC_6_Freddie_Marne_2_140678

All in all this game with its wonderful art style and unique story telling is a must have for anyone who enjoys a puzzle, with a bit of heart warming story. Then this one is for you and it will give you hours of good family game time.

Don’t forget to get your copy before the end of March for you PS Plus members and it’s also for PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows so you don’t miss this wonderful chance to be a part of history.
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