New SKY3DS Flashcart now without the 10 game limit

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Yes, you heard it right, after some hackers/modders cracked the 10 game limit on SKY3DS. The official site just confirmed a new batch without 10 game limit is released today. If you already own a SKY3DS, here is the tool to break 10 games limit. WARNING: I didn’t try it as I don’t have a SKY3DS, but the link is posted on official SKY3DS site.

If you are wondering what hack/exploit to buy let me summarize the options for you:


1) Gateway: Current Gateway firmware works on 4.x 3DS firmwares. Upcoming firmware is confirmed to be working on 9.0 and 9.2 3DS versions. It is confirmed that the upcoming firmware does NOT work on latest 3ds firmware 9.3. It supports backup loading and homebrews.


2) Sky3ds: Works on all 3DS firmware’s including the latest 9.3. Old batches need additional cracking to overcome 10 games limit, new batches won’t have that limit. This doesn’t support homebrews/emulators. Just backup loading.


3) Ninjhax: You need a Cubic Ninja game for this. It works on all firmwares up to 9.2. It does NOT work on latest 9.3 firmware. It lets you use homebrews/emulators but doesn’t let you play your backups.

What is your choice? I would like to hear it in the comments.


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  1. I already have a Sky3DS and I’m pissed. This “new” cart with no limit is BS. Send all of us with an early cart a new one. Heck, we are the ones that supported your business and we are getting screwed. I think it’s garbage!

  2. I have ordered my gateway 3ds from r4depot site. No sky3ds card. sky3ds was shocked that they didnt get patched, and from the sounds of it will not be updating once it does. sky3ds only took off the limit because of gateways progress. gateway is still going to be region free still going to support cia and homebrew. some people just want to have things now instead of being patient. GW team we know from history will keep working hard, and sky started off with a 10 limit so you can spend more money, if there is a update on their end it will probably force you to buy a new card… So still vote for gateway 3ds card.

    • well, do you remember the gateway bricking code? Legitimate users got hit by it too, and some of them sent their consoles to gateway for replacement and never got them back.

      i guess we shouldn’t look for ethics in a flashcart company. We should decide what features we want and make our choice depending on that.

  3. SKY3DS supports 3DS V9.4.0-21 perfectly with no game limit video

  4. sky3ds is now the best 3ds flashcard out there for the latest version n3ds console and the new 3ds console owners, because it is the only one that supports the latest 9,4 system and the new 3ds. gateway 3ds has not bypassed the latest 9.3 and 9.4 firmware block yet.