Quick Fix for TN-X Error C1-2858-3

A lot of might be or might not be having problems with the new released TN-X for Tekken2 US. Well I got a quick fix for you..



You must place the “TNV” folder and the Tekken2 game save in the PSAVEDATA /examplexxx on the PC. Remember you must put both folders in PSAVEDATA/examplexxxxx on the PC then transfer via cma.

For those who have problems with TN-X and Tekken2 US, try the following files:

 Download Fix: TN-X Tekken2 Us.

Run TN-X on Tekken 2

Starts Survival Mode, select Jun and loses 1st match.

Usually, you can now enjoy the new TN-X

To install PS1 games you need to have TN-V or ARK to install PS1 games in to the PSP / GAME directory. 


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  1. still havin problems… i did everything the savedata and tnv in the same path… still havin black screen and nothing more…i have 3.18 tekken2 us…

  2. yep…. still blackscreen, i dont get it, i did every step and nothing happens, i have 4 or 5 games already installed and it worked welll with ps1 loader

  3. after autotrigger it still black screen, how do i reinstall tnv… do i have to re installl 6.60 files or only transfer the save data where is tnv

    • hackinformer

      No cuz the TNV save is just for the PS one exploit and don’t have anything to do with your TN-V exploit and game save. Just the TNV save files needs to be re-installed.

  4. still black screen….i dont know what else can i do… 🙁 btw thanks for helping me

    • hackinformer

      start from scratch, just make sure you have all your games and exploits backed up. Had do a few time as some on the memory card wasn’t right.. That’s all I can think of is starting over like new vita as long as you have a ps3 to activate it.

  5. Also it is good to no compression 0 with PSx2PSP will give you a cannot access memory card message after TN-X loads and you try and run eboot. It works if i use compression 9. =D It is good to know