Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to unlock Super Vegeta 2 skill


Good news everyone!

Today I’m here to explain you how to obtain my favorite skill, in this awesome game dedicated to dragonball universe.

The difference between Super Saiyan 2 skill and Super Vegeta 2 is in the parameter you can upgrade with the transformation.


Let’s start to say that this skill will be available after the majin bu saga.

You will unlock more time parallel quests after majin bu, precisely the quest 38 “Blast the super spirit bomb”

In the quest you have to defeat all the majin bu forms, but don’t be scared! The quest is very simple if you ask for help from other players.

You simply have to start an online parallel quest and create a room for 2 players and choose the said quest.

At the end of the battle you will have the skill: Super Vegeta 2, that will power up your special beam attacks.

This skill will be handfull if you are going to battle a powerfull enemy in physical attacks. You simply have to stay away from him and blast him with your powerful ultimate attack.

At the moment my most powerfull attack is Krilin’s Chain of Kienzan and is super effective!!!!!

Here a video with a tutorial for this quest.

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Thanks to AnimeGameOnline for the video 😉

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