Stranger Things Goes 8-Bit In Retro Videogame Makeover by “8-Bit Cinema”


Netflix’s smash hit sci-fi series Stranger Things which is set in the 1980’s has been treated to a NES-style rendition by CineFix in 8-bit Cinema.

Well known for their recreated Jurassic Park, Blade Runner and Hunger Games 8-Bit movies, it was only a matter of time until Stranger Things got a justified retro treatment.

Directed by 8-Bit Cinemas’ Dutton Brothers, the faux 80’s styled video game has the midi version of the show’s retro soundtrack, have also kept true to the major story line as well as sticking to the show’s pop culture references from that era.

The 4-minute video gives a substantial amount of information regarding the 8-episode season, so if you have yet to watch the inspired sci fi series, then I would recommend not watching the video below and get your binge on for Stranger Things.

The series sparked a trend of retro artwork to inspired unofficial retro games since it’s release. This might be due to the fact that the Duffer brothers expressed interest in an official video game adaptation of the series, stating that they would love to see an old school 8-bit video game that will look to bridge the gap between season 1 and recently renewed season 2.

8 Bit-Cinema’s tribute to the show was not the first, as earlier this year Stranger Things also had an unofficial point-and-click adventure created by indie game developer Infamous Games, which is free to download and play for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Infamous Games are a group of people, “who love old school adventure games,” and wanted to give fans a taste of nostalgia with the re-imagined NES styled Stranger Things. The game is a fantastic ode to the series however very short lived, as you can probably tell from the 15MB download.

STRANGER THINGS Gets a Stylized ’80s Adventure Game You Can Play

As Nerdist pointed out, the Stranger Things kids never spent too much time playing video games as Nintendo hadn’t released the NES and the country had been in the middle of the video game crash of 1983. Most of their free time had been spent playing Dungeons and Dragons and looking for their missing friend Will Byers with the mysterious girl, Eleven.

Below is 8-Bit Cinemas’ stylised 80’s game that contains spoilers, so proceed with caution.

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