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Let me, get right down to it. The first thing that upset me about the Vita 2K was the price. If you compare the price of the 1K Vita and the 2K Vita, they are both $200. Now I know that Boarderlands 2 comes with the 2K Vita, and it also comes with an 8gb memory card, but both of my 1K Vitas also came with an 8gb memory card for the same price. If you consider the fact that Boarderlands is something like 5.4gb You, are only really getting a 2gb memory card with the system, which basically means your gonna have to go buy another one, if this is your first Vita. Oh and about that 1gb of internal memory? You can’t use it while you have a memory card inserted into the system, making it pretty much worthless which brings me to…

HalfAssed point #1: Price The system should have came with a physical copy of the game. This was totally halfassed to make money on Sony’s and 2K Games’ part. It is a little known fact that some games run like crap on a memory card vs it’s cartridge counterpart. Spiderman is a perfect example. The cart runs smooth, while the game on a memcard has horrid framerate issues. I think that Boarderlands will be another prime example of this.



HalfAssed point #2: Display The Vita 2K was designed to save Sony money. Plain and simple. The 1K Vita had a beautiful OLED display, the 2K has an LCD. There are plenty of compare and contrast shots, but I took a few myself, with my cell phone camera while playing Deception 4. The OLED has beautiful vibrant colors, while the LCD looks, well, shitty… So is Sony passing the savings onto you? Nope. You get a downgraded screen for the same price.



Top picture: PSVita 1K

Bottom picture: PSVita 2K



HalfAssed point #3: Feel Call me spoiled, I love my Cosmic Red 1K Vita and those of you who own a White, or Blue Vita know what I’m talking about, the whole system is smooth and glossy. It just feels nice to game on. The Black 1K has a few spots that aren’t smooth, while playing on that system I notice a little difference. Now going to a 2K, it is like the back of the machine is made out of sandpaper and I hated holding it. It just didn’t feel nice and I’m sure many of you will agree. My guess? They used a cheaper plastic to cut manufacturing costs. The 2K black model just doesn’t feel right. Personally, I cannot attest to how the colored units feel…


HalfAssed point #4 Colors. I suppose Henry Ford was consulting for Sony from beyond the grave when they brought the 2K Vita to the West. You can have any color you want as long as it is black and that just sucks. I seriously would have looked pasted all of the negative points of we weren’t limited to one color. I’d be happy if I could have a cool white/blue one or maybe one of the God Eater camo ones, etc.. I think we all would like different color options for the Vita. When Japan gets six color choices and we get none, it’s another -1 in my book…


HalfAssed point #5: The Pros: I did like the start and select buttons and the fact it uses a regular micro USB cable which I have 1000’s of, but I already have bought a couple extra Vita USB cables. The only other plus, is the 2K model comes with everybody favorite firmware 3.01. (so you can run TN-V). That’s it, that’s the only few positives I can really say about the 2K Vita. Again, maybe if there were some new colors, I’d look past the the negative points and buy one, but I’m taking mine back and buying a Borderlands 2 physical copy on the 13th.


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  1. And if I’m correct from what I have read so far on the 2k model there is no 3G version. They are wifi only. I was considering buying a new one just to “upgrade” to 3G since I go to a lot of places that are stuck in the stone ages. (no public wifi) But since Sony has decided to not make it an option I guess I’ll keep my money and go spend it elsewhere. Like on a verizon hot spot device of some kind.