Psvita Battery Mod Overview


Just a one month ago I did the Psvita battery Mod. After using it for a whole month, I can say I’m happily pleased. There have been no issues whatsoever with it and the extra battery adds very little weight, but it’s nearly unnoticeable. There is a slight increase in heat when playing heavily and party chatting at the same time, but that was always an issue. Just a small sidenote.

I HIGHLY recommend giving this a shot if you have a spare psvita and psp batteries lying around.  As long as the headphones are plugged in you’ll get that maximum of 7 hours gameplay, if not you’ll get around 6.5 hours or so. Same goes for video playback. I have been trying to find something higher than the 2210 mAh primary battery but it’s a hassle. I’m going to wait for some time to pass so more lithium ion batteries can be produced within the states instead of having to buy a battery from china that may potentially explode. I’ll post a link in the description so you can check out the mod for yourselves:


Have a good one guys, thanks for giving this a read!