Sony’s vision of no AAA Vita games.



Well it looks like Sony, has been quoted on why there has been no AAA vita games out and it is mental. Economics for AAA games “simply don’t work” on PlayStation Vita, Sony says…Click on the picture to zoom in..wpid-14-1-1.png.png

Apparently, Sony is playing it safe so they won’t waste money on PSVita games that “Won’t make it” Well, I say let’s start a campaign to Sony, because the only blockade standing in the PSVita’s way is Sony, Just like the Vita TV. So everyone, let’s try to help Sony remember that there is REAL vision in the PSVita. Lets make Sony them remember that the PSVita is NOT dead by tweeting,@playstation with picture, Idea, support, Etc..Anything to remind them what a great device the psvita is..

If Sony continues on this path, they will gain criticism from fans, because it looks like the PSVita is waning from Sony’s support. So who knows what will happen in the handheld market only time will tell.( E3) I’ve been a fan of handhelds for a long time, but I hope Sony makes it right, because the only way this can happen is for them to BELIEVE in the PSVita.

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