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Digital vs Physical: How Should You Play?

With the release of Borderlands 2 and reports of it’s various bugs during launch the question has arose admits Vita users, as well as next gen console owners, should I go with a digital copy or it’s physical retail counterpart? Let’s take a look at some at some of the …

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PSVita 2K Review..

*opinions here are the heleius’ and heleius’ alone, but, they should be yours too* Let me, get right down to it. The first thing that upset me about the Vita 2K was the price. If you compare the price of the 1K Vita and the 2K Vita, they are both …

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Psvita release date for borderlands 2?

The publisher’s at 2k Games accidentally tweeted the release date for borderlands 2, for the psvita and they quickly deleted the tweet from their twitter account. It said, ” #Borderlands2 is coming to #PSVita on March 18th! RT! http://t.co/GOfDaLmD3i” So for now, 2k has apologise for the tweet this morning for suggesting wrong release dated or …

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