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MoGameCon 2023

Not *every* year, but most years me and friends try to make our 4 hour exodus to MoGameCon. This year was the first time in a long while that we did so. Unfortunately, we had to leave early. But we do have pictures and footage of our time in St.Louis …

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Switch/XB1/PS4 Review: Tesla vs. Lovecraft

You all know me, I love video games! And the game I’m reviewing for you all today is an arena-style twin-stick shooter ported from Steam to the XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4! That game is Tesla vs Lovecraft (10Tons LTD., $14.99) and it is unlike any game that …

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Video games have permitted a guy to challenge his dead father

We always hear “Videogames instigate violence”, “videogames are a cancer for the new generation growth” etc.. and bla bla bla. How many times have you heard the media bad mouthing video games. You may have noticed that many people and the media are concentrate on highlighting the potential negative aspects …

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