Hardware Review: Sol-Deace

Welcome to February 2024 dear readers. It’s time to delve into the review that I promoted a couple weeks back, and that game is Sol-Deace!


In the third millennium, humans launched an advanced artificial intelligence that would unify all the settlements and states. Instead, the machine known as GCS-WT becomes a dictator and begins to suppress all of humanity under its control. It seeks to conquer entire worlds with its mechanical fleet across the Solar System. Edwin Deace, a brilliant scientist, looks to counter the A.I. by developing a revolutionary fighter spacecraft, the Sol-Deace. This interstellar war will take pilot Eric Williams through six stages facing off against challenging scenarios and massive spacecraft with the fate of all mankind in the balance


  • Dark Matter Cartridge for SEGA Genesis®/Mega Drive
  • Full-colored instruction manual
  • Reversible cartridge inlay sleeve
  • Embellished cartridge slipcover
  • Exclusive double-sided poster
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticity



Alright, before we talk about gameplay, I just want to quickly gush about just how good the soundtrack is! Even if the (tough as nails) gameplay isn’t for your liking, this soundtrack really needs to be released physically for 16-bit video game music lovers out there. It’s a shame that it took me reviewing this game to discover the soundtrack. We need to spread the word more! If you want to listen to the soundtrack, I have a present for you.

Right off the bat, Sol-Deace is cool because it gives you 4 awesome weapons to choose from. The developers wanted a game that was easy to get into but still super fun, and they nailed it with Sol-Deace. It’s got a learning curve that works for all kinds of players, so even if it’s tough at first, you’ll get the hang of it with some practice. And for me, honestly, it was a lot of practice.

I will say that the game keeps things interesting with different enemies and gameplay surprises in every stage. That’s what I think make the good games, having variety and new things to learn. If it gets old, then I find that it gets old quick. You’ve got cool weapons like lasers, bullet-bombs, and blue fire (that can be used together). It’s nice to have options and figure out what works best for you as you take on tougher challenges. I was half tempted to pull out my Game Genie so that I could cheat through it, but I was unsure if it would work since these are reproduction cartridges.

Compared to other games in the genre that throw a ton of the same ol’ stuff at you, Sol-Deace is refreshingly simple. It’s a game that focuses on the basics and that’s what makes it hit the sweet spot for a lot of players. No matter if you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore one, you can have a blast with Sol-Deace. And as you keep playing and getting better, the game steps up the difficulty to keep you on your toes. Sometimes it feels like it’s a dramatic up-tick, other times it’s gradual. But on the whole, it felt balanced. I think that I just suck at these kind of games, but even I had a blast (no pun intended).

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Overall Thoughts:

All in all, Sol-Deace is a great example of a shooter game that keeps things fun while still giving you a challenge. It’s a standout in the genre (that I wish I knew existed) because it sweet spot between being easy to pick up and tough to master. If you’re into arcade shooters and want a game that’s both rewarding, challenging, and fun, Sol-Deace should definitely be on your list. It’s such a fun time, I can’t recommend it enough!


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