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Review: Super Retro-Cade from Retro-Bit

We now have reached a world where retro Microconsoles are hitting us from every side. Some of them great like the NES and SNES Classic Editions. Some of them are not so great, like the Retro-Bit Generations that came back a while ago. Can Retro-Bit gain their footing and be …

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Review: GRIDD: Retroenhanced for XBOX One

A game that feels like elements from Tron Legacy, Thumper, and Neon Drive, but also is none of those things, GRIDD: Retroenhanced ($11.99) from Antab Studio is here to blow you away. GRIDD: Retroenhanced is a multi platform game, but the XBOX One is the version that we’ll be looking at today. …

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Our review of Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition PS4

We got our hands on the newest iteration of Blasting Agent:Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4 directly from Ratalaika Games this week. How does the 8 bit, run and gun homage game fare on the big screen? Let’s find out!   First, let’s have the fine folks at Ratalaika Games give …

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