Which Game Console Should You Get in 2016

2016 has started, new year, new games and new choices… one of the toughest choices a gamer faces is which console to get? The Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? I’m here to lay down the major factors about these consoles to help you decide your go-to console.

1) Price Point

At launch, the Xbox One was 100$ pricier than the PS4, coming at $500. While 2 years down to the lane, both of have fallen to a price of $349, some include games too! So at the price point, I’d say both are neck-to-neck.

2) Exclusives

After sometime¬†both the consoles are getting great exclusives, be it first party or third party. In 2016, Xbox One has some notable exclusives as Quantum Break, Crackdown and more, whilst the PlayStation 4 has big named titles such as Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, No Man’s Sky and more. From my perspective, the PS4 takes a lead over here.

3) User Interface and Updates

The Xbox One recently got a GUI overhaul, while the PS4 has had the same simple UI since launch, though the PS4 received many major updates, The Xbox One gets frequent updates with new features while the PS4 doesn’t get such frequent updates. According to me, the Xbox One wins this segment.

4) Hardware and Specifications

The Xbox One is comparatively larger than the PS4 and looks like a DVR, which is not-so-neat. And as accessories for the consoles, the Xbox One has Kinect, a motion sensor, which is way more advanced and better than the PS4’s camera. On the specs department, the PS4 takes a lead with slightly better specs. Over here, I’d assume it to be a tie and a neck-to-neck battle.

I personally own and prefer the PlayStation 4, let me know your opinions in the comment section, make sure to inform me if I missed something. Till then, take care and I’ll see you in my next article, though I can’t actually ‘see’ you.



  1. Author is sony fanboy. PC is the best choice with xbox one controller. PS4 and XBox one hardware spec stuck at 2009.

  2. X1 is winning this time around charlie i own both.

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