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6 thoughts on “Downloads”

  1. I have downloaded DOSBOX files and games for my Vita but upon transferring I receive errors.?? Any advice much appreciated! I am using the standard transfer program on Vita.

  2. sorry, i have a question, I have a psvita tv and wanna know if the hack method is the same as a psvita?

  3. will there be a wii-u and ps3 (just being crazy) program that is compatible for the ps vita?
    And thank all your the other programs worked successfully.

  4. The updated instruction, how to get working homebrew for 3ds with Downgrade to …36
    Means installing boot9trap for the old 3ds XL needs two devices and so on?
    Is there other method to do this?
    How about SafeB9SInstaller v0.0.7, does this work? If yes after that luma 8.0 and homebrew 2.0?

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