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Plugins for the PSP/PSVita



Cheat Master Fusion Revision v21d by koro

This is a Chinese cheat device for PSP, It uses the same cheat code format as CWCheat.



Custom Home v1.3.4  by ABCanG1015

This is the plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.



CWCheat v0.2.3 by Takka

Takka’s ported version of Weltall’s CWCHEAT for 6.20 TN. Activate the plugin in seplugins/game.txt and cheat each and every PSP game.



Day Viewer v7 by Total_Noob & Neur0n

Customize the XMB date and time string by adding the day, month name, year, and seconds. You can also add the battery percentage too.



Download Manager v1 by Total_Noob

Select your item to download as normal and once it starts you’ll be prompted to enter the Download Manager by pressing [START]+[SQUARE]. Once that opens you can manage each individual download; highlight an item and press [TRIANGLE] to pause or [CIRCLE] to cancel. Press [START]+[SQUARE] again to close the Download Manager



Free Cheat v1.0.12.18 by Flarejune

It allows, among others, to use cheats, read texts, connect USB, taking screenshots and anytime for a game or from the XMB.



Game Menu v7 by Neur0n

An in-Game VSHMenu. Press START + SELECT to open menu.



In Game Day Viewer v7 by plum

Advanced Date and time in go home screen.



LEDA by Dark_Alex

It’s a legacy software loader which will allow users to run 1.5 kernel homebrew.



Localizer by Draan

Localizer, a handy homebrew plugin that let’s users customize their respective XMBs.



MusicPRX by Cpasjuste

Play music while playing a game!



Paint On XMB v1 by Mr305

A basic POC / Framework for upcoming TweakDISPLAY module with GU acceleration for extrordinary performance improvements.



Password Lock v3 by Neur0n

Protect your XMB with a passwort!



pFile v0.1



Power Ctrl v5.3.0 by SnyFbSx

The PSP Power Controller plugin allows users to create handy shortcuts in order to access several features of their handheld.



PRXShot v0.4.0 by Codestation

This is a screenshot plugin that doesn’t need to pause the game to take the capture.



PSP 3D v2.21 by PSPWizard

This plugin lets you add 3d to some of your PSP games.



PSPEText v1.1 by QBRADQ

A text reader that gets loaded along side your game.



Simple Battery Viewer v1.3 by ABCanG

A plug-in that can display the battery information directly to Home Screen below the time and date notification.



Simply Saver by Neur0n

This plugin lets you modify the PSP’s web browser so that you can save any downloaded files to a location of your own choosing.



SSSSS v0.2

A Screenshot plug-ins that support image formats such as BMP or PNG or JPG.



Stop Watch v1.6 by SnyFbSx

This plugin simply displays a stopwatch.



TN Savestate plugin v1 by Total_Noob

With this plugin you can save and load states WHENEVER, WHEREVER you want.



XMB Icon Manager by Total_Noob

A handy plugin that allows you to rename existing icons and replace other functions without touching the flash0.



Plugin Installation:
1. Un-rar the archive you downloaded
2. Copy the P_XXXX.ZIP to your exploited savedata and copy that to your Vita.
3. When launching the exploit, hold the R trigger
4. Go to Plugins > Plugin Installer and install the zip and your done!



XMB Mods for TN-V


USBtoFTP Mod v1.1 by Freakler

This XMB mod replaces the unused USB icon with an FTP option to fast launch any FTP client. The mod works with TN-V4 and future versions only, everything older is not supported! Of course you can manually install your favorite FTP-Homebrew to “ms0:/PSP/APP/FTP/FBOOT.PBP”! Here, Coldbird’s Vita-FTP-Client will be installed and used as default! All XMB languages are supported.




  1. Omg thx for the no B.S. download links …. you greatest the psp is still alive in 2016!!!!!

  2. This is awesome, just seeing these again is nostalgic.

    Gone back to my good old PSP, Google lead me here when I was after a few plugins. I’ve missed these XD

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