8bitdo Retro Controllers Now Compatible with Switch!

For those of you who have been praying to the powers that be for a classic controller for your Switch, pray no more!  We thought that Nintendo might be the ones to come through and provide support for playing retro games with a retro style controller, or maybe just a retro style controller to play current games with.

However, it was 8bitdo that stepped up to the bat and filled in for Nintendo.  They made their current existing line of controllers support the Switch with just a simple firmware update.  So if you don’t already own one, now you have more reason to get one.  If you do own one, now they just gave you yet another device to use it with, thus making the money you spent on it go even further!

The controllers that 8bitdo makes range in style, some look older revealing an NES/Famicom or SNES/Super Famicom look.  Others appear like more recent consoles in the retro scene, like the N64.  And then they make some that take Nintendo’s Classic Controller style but gives it a visual and physical overhaul and makes it more practical.  The point we’re making here is that there has to be an 8bitdo controller for you.

Not every controller that they make works with every game on the Switch.  This can be attributed to having a controller with a certain button layout not being compatible with whatever button layout that is required for said Switch game or they just have fewer buttons than even one Joy-Con controller has.  Nevertheless, the FC30 Pro and the NES30 Pro definitely have more than enough buttons to outright support most games and their various button configs.  Additionally, you’re going to run into things like the fact that the 8bitdo controllers do not have Amiibo NFC or HD Rumble support.

8Bitdo Crissaegrim NES30 PRO US$ 32.99

8bitdo Crissaegrim FC30 Pro US$ 32.99

You can find all 8Bitdo controllers to buy over on Play-Asia.  And don’t forget to use our coupon code “informer” (without quotes) to save a few bucks!If you try this out for yourself, and I very much recommend that you do, I would suggest using them on the Neo Geo ports that are on the eShop or the new Street Fighter game coming out real soon.

You’re going to feel the most nostalgic when playing and the controllers work so well.  Additionally, these will be a good filler if you need to let your Joy-Cons charge.  They are also good in a jam if you need spare controllers for some more buddies to join in on that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  8Bitdo’s controllers also work with other Nintendo products as well as Android and PC.  They range from $12-$40 on Play-Asia.com!

For instructions on how to do everything, simply go over to 8bitdo’s support page by clicking here, it has everything you need to get started!

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