Quick update for VHBL Gamocracy (EU)


Qwikrazor87, has been working on a update for Gamocracy One: Legend of the Robot (EU). This update will get a few more homebrew working for you. I found that it is not as picky when it come to emulators or loading file too. Here is a good list of homebrew work on VHBL. Wololo.net  Note, that this update is only valid for people running on the EU version of the game. Thank you XxNekYanox for testing & providing some RAM dumps. There’s a  few words from  qwikrazor87 »

“Hello everyone.
Here is an update to the VHBL port for the EU version of Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot.
What this update does is it loads a few utilities one at a time and relocates some functions, VHBL currently loads all utilities at once and some ports don’t have enough room to load all the utilities.
Don’t expect much increase in compatibility, but it should get a few more homebrew working.

For those of you wondering why it’s EU only, I have already done this trick with the US version, that’s why there are some homebrew working with the US version and not with the EU version”.


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