Qwikrazor87’s PSVita exploit has been announced.

The PS Vita exploit has been announced finally for the US. Now VHBL loader looks like it can play a lot of different emulators. With others tweaking some emulators they may get them to work even better. Now the game is available in Canada. This exploit may or may not work for that region but for $3.99 I don’t think you can really complain and it is quite a fun game actually.


You can find a small compatibility list for the 2.12 VHBL here

VHBL can look very sweet on your PS Vita with the new 138Menu . Now the game save data will be released in time too.  Most of the time the game save is not released until Sony pulls the game from the store. So if you are looking forward to playing homebrew on your PS Vita you may have to wait an extra two or three more days. I would still advise to to buy the game as fast as you can. That is what I’ve seen from other releases. The one thing I’m actually looking forward to though is a new firmware update. Hopefully they fix some of the firmware issues with the PSN store always locking up.

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