PSvita New Firmware 2.60,it’s Features and Functions

psv new firware..“New firmware 2.60 is out for your psvita, bye new exploit it was fun.

Firmware 2.60 must be installed to use some features and functions of the PlayStation  Network. You must update the system software of PS Vita. Also by updating the system software of PS Vita, can strengthen security and by adding various features. Please update to the latest version at all times not…The main features that are updated in version 2.60
PlayStation  Network, now can upload / download to server in the PlayStation Network and save data. To use this feature, you must subscription to PlayStation Plus.


(Music) / (video) You will be able to play without having to copy the PS Vita, content that is stored on the connected device such as a personal computer or PS3 . .You must have the latest version of the version of Content Management Assistant for PlayStation ® personal computer.

In the menu that appears when you press and hold the PS button, set the network function can now be.


Other features that are updated in version 2.60 like the home screen use the buttons on the PS Vita body, it is now possible to customize the home screen. Press the button on the PS Vita body in the home screen, press the △ button while the display is focus on the screen to enter edit mode.

You can changed the appearance of the menu of the PlayStation ® format software and PSP ® Game. While starting the game, the menu is displayed when you hold down the PS button.


You can now set a public / private information of the acquisition of trophies for each game. Tap the (PlayStation ® Network), and then tap the game you want to set. (Optional)> Privacy Settings> If you check by tapping the check box to publish the trophy of this game, setting is enabled.


To playing in streaming video on the Web page,  now just change the settings for playback, such as subtitle and screen.During playback just tap (optional)> Preferences.

(Content management)
You can changed the setting of the automatic upload of the save data. Of each save data and were set in a (information) screen, but (content management)> and [start]> You can now configure In Select Save Data (online storage)> of the Save Data automatic upload] was. To use this feature, subscription to PlayStation ® Plus is required.

[PlayStation ® Network]> to add to the trophy to publish] in the privacy settings, you can now set the open range of information acquisition of trophy.


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