Linux Loader for PS4 FW5.05 released!!

Linux loader for PS4 FW 5.05 has been released and it’s fully working. Unlike last time this release has everything you need to run it and it’s not a WIP.

How to use

For now, only some PS4 FAT models are supported, see the list here.

You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4’s USB port with the following files in the root directory: bzImage and initramfs.cpio.gz. You can download¬†them here.

Then you will need to send the payload (PS4-Linux-Loader.bin) to your PS4. For that go to your PS4 web browser, go to and send the payload to your PS4 using netcat or other.. (You can also use my tool: PS4 Payload Sender).

Download: PS4 Linux loader FW5.05

PS4 owners with 5.05FW can now try different¬†versions of Linux¬†on the PS4 with this release but you will still need to compile¬†video driver for it. I recommend¬†trying out PSXITARCH Linux¬†as it has everything already set up for you. If you are on FW 4.05 or 4.55 don’t update until¬†the other stuff gets released here soon.

PSXITARCH a Linux Distro just for the PS4!!



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