Microsoft develops a controller for those with limited mobility

Throughout the world today, there are many Gamers out there that have difficulty enjoying the games that they love due to their own personal limited mobility. It’s always a great gesture for Game companies to cater to those that are not as fortunate as others when it comes to gaming.

The tech giant Microsoft has developed an adaptive controller for those that have limited mobility, a control pad that can be customized for the needs of different users and not just one specific disability. The tech giant has collaborated with different charity organizations such as the cerebral palsy foundation, special effects, and the able gamers charity user base. The controller pad has two large rounded black buttons, along with access ports and two USB ports.

The pad can be placed on the floor, for the user to be able to use there feet for different gameplay functions. The pad has mounting screws that can be attached to a wheelchair or to a table. Microsoft has been closely working with other third-party manufacturers to allow external devices such as a one-handed joystick and a mouth-operated joystick to be used with the advance device.

The accessibility on the controller pad represents each button on a standard controller. For instance, if a person has limited mobility on the left, they can use extra buttons and plug it into the relevant port.


This is without a doubt a great step forward for the gaming industry, hopefully, more companies that specialize in peripherals will cater more to those with limited mobility. The device goes on sale for $99.99. Microsoft said that the controller would be available later this year.


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