PSVita: VHBL update for Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS+ (EU)

I know, a lot of you were having problems with the last release of this VHBL for Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS+ (EU). Now I still don’t know if this fixes any of the previous issues, but I figure anyone that has this exploit would like to know about this update for VHBL which allows it to allocate a larger memory area.

When VHBL can allocate a larger memory some of the time that mean emulators and homebrew will have better success in it. Keep in mind that this may not fix some of the issues everyone has experience with this exploit and it’s great new in my opinion that 173210 has not given up on this exploit. Let us know in the comments below how well this works for you or does it cause more issues than the previous release.

Download: Debug ver Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS EU

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  1. still giving error using 138menu and still installing to game folder instead of vhbl using standard vhbl

  2. Error C1-2858-3 .-(

  3. Help …ULES01003001 :

    When you copy to Vita sees only the small size of 217 kilobytes and yet there is 1760 kilobytes If you look into Save position in the PC. How to fix it ???

  4. VHBL update for Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS (EU)
    On FW 3.55 to me to at long last managed to break in.
    I have a question bubble will be established herself or himself must somehow? Da will be installed over this ARK?

  5. I pulled the game via PSN (on CFW 3.55) And then I put the game and subsequent vypnul.Potom via PC files copied to the SAVE give it the size of 1765 kb, and I started to offer the game and did everything as it makes them different to FW 3.57, and work hard to 🙂

  6. Meanwhile runs VHBL me …. I do not know how to install others on FW 3.55 I would like to Ark or others. Is anyone willing to do a how-to video or wrote it? Thanks

  7. Got Snes9xtyl running on 3.57 with help from T3CHCHI3F

  8. 138 menu is the best solution to install homebrew. And back to the vhbl to play the game from vhbl installed homebrew. Believe me it works..

    Make 138 menu as your way of installing homebrew whatsoever


    After that return back to vhbl to play the games. (Because 138 menu hang if you start the game there)

  9. does this work on metel gear portable ops plus in US r1 account?

  10. Is there a way to make custom bubbles using this yet

  11. hackinformer

    No, we tried a few things and even making other builds for this VHBL with no luck, with it. So qwikrazor87 method died with 3.55 once they patched stuff on 3.57.

    To those who have the problem that the emulators install, but they don’t start or those who are getting the error message, do this:
    1. Create a PSP folder on your desktop
    2. Create a VHBL folder and put all your homebrew/emulators into this thing, also the roms in the same folders as the emulators (NES roms in the NES emu etc)
    3. Put that VBHL folder into the PSP folder
    4. Create a ZIP file out of the PSP folder now and call it “INSTALL.ZIP” just like that.
    5. Put it in a PSP save file folder, I did it with a savegame created from the APE QUEST starter pack that is available for free on PSN.
    6. Put this savegame and VHBL itself ( the MGS savegame ) on your Vita using CMA
    7. Start VHBL with MGS:PO+
    8. Just install that Ape Quest savegame as a homebrew and voilà, you can access a folder called VHBL now and all your homebrews and emulators work!

  13. i have a ps vita on 3.50 fw. can i use the same method for the 3.57fw to get cfw?

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