HD Gaming Mods-Where to get Unlocked Systems in 2018

So you want to know where to get some unlocked video game systems. Or maybe you’re here wondering what I mean by “unlocked” exactly. The short answer is that HD Gaming Mods is doing stuff that I have yet to see on the internet anywhere else. The site also features mods that other sites do, but I can attest that HD Gaming Mods does a damn good job at those tasks as well. I recently did a review of their Sega Genesis mods, you can read all about that here. What we’re diving into in this article is not just the Sega Genesis, but all other mods they do. And yes, we’ll be talking about what I mean by “unlocked”!


‘HD Gaming Mods

Making Gaming Better For Everyone.

Home grown one man band kind of company. Very family oriented. Not much to tell because we are new, but we strive to do the best we can and satisfy every customer.’


  • Nintendo

  1. Micro SD Board for SNES Classic: Soldering experience recommended. Add SD card support to your SNES Mini for added storage capacity. (Not plug and play, hardware and software installation required).
  2. Unlocked Nintendo Gamecube: GameCube, Region Free, Play Backups. With the right hardware you can add the ability to play games directly from a SD Card.
  3. Unlocked SNES Classic: Has entire US library, SNES, NES, and Sega Genisis, with plenty of space to add more.
  • Sega

  1. Sega Dreamcast Region Free: Sega Dreamcast without region lock. This console can play import games from any country.
  • Sony

  1. Unlocked PlayStation 2: A PlayStation 2, Region Free, can play backup discs, and can load backups from USB or internal HDD (256GB HDD Included).
  2. Unlocked PlayStation 2 Slim: A PlayStation 2, Region Free, can play backup discs, and can load backups from USB.


  • Nintendo

  1. Nintendo Gamecube Modchip Install: Unlock your Gamecube by adding the ability to play backups, region free, and even play games from SD Card (Other hardware required to play from SD).
  2. SNES Classic Memory Expansion: Increase the Memory in your SNES Classic to allow you to add more games.
  • Sega

  1. Sega Genesis AV Connectors Install: Add AV connectors for better quality video and sound.
  2. Sega Genesis Region Switch: Add Region Switch to change between NTSCU – NTSCJ – PAL60.
  3. Sega Genesis AV/Region Switch Combo: Combo Deal. AV connectors for better quality video and sound. Region Switch to change between NTSCU – NTSCJ – PAL60.
  4. Sega Dreamcast Region Free Install: Region Free Bios, play games from any region.
  5. Sega Dreamcast Dual Bios Install: Dual Bios with switch to go back and forth between original bios and modified region free bios.
  • Sony

  1. PlayStation 2 Modchip Install: Add the ability to play backups in the form of Burned Games and the ability to load backups directly from USB.

If you want to see their site for yourself, click here. The site is now live and it’s still in beta, but it’s great to check out!

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