Review: Front Screen & Back Touchpad trigger grips for the PSVita Slim

If you have a PSVita you probably used remote play, once or twice and you might have even bought those remote play trigger grips for it to have L2 & R2 buttons.  Joetsu Electronic was the first to offer these type of grips to the public for the 2000 model (slim) and with it being so popular, they even made them for the PSVita 1000 model (phat).

The first trigger grips made for the PSVita Slim by Joetsu Electronic.

Now, these new top trigger grips look like accessory add on to the first ones that were made but they are not, it only looks that way because they used the same model design and then tweaked it. By adding top screen triggers for those certain games that only use the front touch screen of the Vita.

If you own the first model of these grips, it will feel just like them, but if you never used these grips they fit like a glove in your hands. The first thing most of us want to know when using these top trigger grips, is it going to block viewability of the screen on the Vita while playing a game. That was one of the main things that worried us here was screen viewability since the front trigger sit so close to the screen. The answer to that is no, it does not block screen viewability in any way.

The top triggers work great just like they are supposed too and every responsive. Sliding your fingers from the trigger on the Vita to the top triggers is not a problem and feels comfortable doing so. I know these grips don’t look the greatest when compared to the other grips on the market but they do their job very well and you can still access the volume & power buttons. The best thing I like about these top trigger grips is that it locks the Vita into the grips so it will not pop out and you still get L2 & R2 triggers for the back touchpad.

Now there’s one difference I’ve noticed compared to the first slim trigger grips they made. They took the top plastic tabs off that actually hold the Vita in because you could take the top triggers off by taking out 2 screws but the Vita will fall out of the grips so its best to leave them on.

If you do a lot of PS4 remote play with your Vita Slim these might be the best grips to go with especially if you have a lot of games that only uses the front touch of the Vita while using remote play. Also if you love to play old PS One classic on Vita these grips are a must have accessory.

I give these grips an 9 out of 10, very comfortable to hold long hours of play and function ability to use either top or bottom triggers depending on the game. The only thing they missed was adding R3 & L3 to this new model but maybe they have their reasons why they didn’t add them this time.

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