Nintendo Switch: Change the controller icons to any color with Joy-Con Toolkit

Are you bored with the same controller colored icons on the Nintendo Switch, wish they matched your different colored joy cons or pro controller from games like Splatoon 2. Well, now you can make the controller icons any color you want to thank’s to the Joy-Con Toolkit v1.0 by CTCaer.

The Joy con tool kit is simple and easy to use, all you need is a Bluetooth adapter and a Windows PC with .net framework v4.5.x and Visual c++ 2015 x86 redist installed. If you don’t have a Bluetooth adapter the program will fail to start and the same goes for .net framework & visual c+ these must be installed first before you run the Joycon tool kit. Also, you’ll need to pair the Joy con’s or pro controller to the PC before you start the program.

Once you have everything installed and the controller’s pair to the PC, it’s time to open up the Joycon tool kit and backup your SPI flash before doing anything else. It may take a little bit and the program might stop responding but don’t worry its still working and doing its thing.

Now that you’re done backing up the SPI file time to change those icon colors to match your controllers or just your favorite colors.

Once you pick out the colors you want to use just hit write body color and then write button color and that’s it your done. Now the Switch will display the color you pick every time that controller pairs to the Switch up in the top-left hand corner or in the controller settings on the main menu. 

The icon display on the main menu of the Switch in the bottom left-hand corner does not change as that icon is part of the Switch and the joy con tool kit only modifies the icon inside of the controller. So you don’t have to worry about anything as this tool kit does nothing to your Switch and only changes the icon inside of the controller that the Switch reads and displays.

What it can currently do:

  • Change colors of your Joy-Con or Pro Controller
  • Backup your SPI flash
  • View S/N and MAC address
  • View Firmware version

What you need:

v1.0: Initial release

Before you do anything, make a backup of your SPI flash.
When you change colors, before 3.0.0 update you need to restart your Switch and then pair, for colors to take effect.
For 3.x.x just pair the controller with Switch.
The custom colors in the color dialog are the retail ones.

Special thanks:
Everyone at Nintendo_Switch_Reverse_Engineering: General BT protocol usage
Shinyquagsire23: General hidapi and BT protocol usage
SciresM: General hidapi usage for windows

If someone knows any original retail color (like neon-yellow, splatoon2, etc) please reply here with the hex code in the comments below.

Download: Joy- Con Tool kit ver1.0



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