L2/R2 grips for the PSVita 1000 are all sold out.

On December 26th  Joetsu electronics released a limit amount of the L2/R2 grips for the PSVita 1000. They sold out very fast as it seem only the preorders got fulfilled, the price of these grips cost 4298 yen which comes out to being about $35 dollars give or take.

l2 & r2 grips psvita 1000

These grips only come in one color to pick from black, unlike the 2000 grips you have a choice of white or black. The next available stock won’t be until February 2016, now our partners over at Play Asia still don’t have any preorder options for these grips yet, soon as they do we will let you know. It also looks like the Answer Store might have a few pre-orders still going on for these grips you can check them out here.

Amazon JP: PSVITA1000 for L2 / R2 buttons mounted grip cover

Joetsu electronics Amazon page: PSVita-1000 for the L2 / R2 buttons mounted grip cover



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