iPhone 7/7+ 10.1.1 New Stable Jailbreak!

Everyone who has an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ know the issues surrounding jailbreaks for them.  iPhone 7 users have had it a little bit better than the 7+ users, but both parties have still had a hard time nonetheless.  Stable jailbreaks just were not very prevalent, up until this week that is.  A few days back they released the first beta.

The first beta only seemed to work for iPhone 7 users and did not have a substrate or Cydia.  It was primarily for developers.  The second beta came out, it was again, only for iPhone 7 users, but had a Cydia and a working substrate.  But today, beta 3 came out.  It not only featured Cydia and said substrate again, but it also works on iPhone 7+!

Now, this probably won’t be the last release.  It will probably keep receiving updates, there are small bugs here and there that the dev Luca Todesco has been working on squashing.  However, the results are pouring in from people who tested it and they so far have been in agreement across the board: this jailbreak is far superior to the mach_portal+Yalu1011 combo.  Extra_Recipe+YaluX takes a newer exploit found within 10.3 and applies it to 10.1.1 and expertly at that.  So a lot of Luca’s work can be credited to xerub’s updated version of Ian Beer’s mach_portal exploit for iOS 10.1.1.

One last note, this will only work on 10.1.1.  If you are on 10.3.x, you can only downgrade if you meet the qualifications to do so (primarily having backed up your SHSH2 Blobs when you were on the unstable jailbreak that 10.1.1 in the past).

Feel free to download the beta 3 of the jailbreak from here.

For instructions on how to install the jailbreak, click here.

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