All PSVita hacks for FW3.65

First, it’s best to crucial to mention that there is no Custom Firmware like you may know from the PSP or PS3 systems (yet). Additionally, regarding the available hacks & tricks, there is no big difference between all models of the Vita including the PSTV. But when talking about hacks for the Vita we need to differentiate between the native and ePSP (emulated PSP) part.

PSVita hacks

Well so much for the intro, if you found your way here you most probably just got yourself a Vita and want to know what you can do and how to install it. Let’s simply start with the available hacks for this particular firmware then:

Native hacks & tricks

Currently native Homebrews are indeed possible, but for now restricted to firmware 3.60 only! (and theoretically below) And as downgrading is not possible either, you sadly are out of luck on this firmware.

However, there are still some native tricks you can make use of:

Backup Editing

The following hacks & tricks are possible through using backup editing:

Custom Themes
Registry Hacks

ePSP hacks

Currently it can be quite confusing reading the news and tutorials about bubbles, VHBL, eCFW and hacks since you can’t easily create custom bubbles anymore on this firmware but all formerly created ones will still work.

For now, you’ll need to either own/know someone with a second Vita, who can set everything up for you, or once again make use of backup editing as mentioned above!

Custom Bubbles

Note: Remember that we still can’t write to the PSP/GAME/ folder on this firmware!

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