Smealum Releases 3DS Region Free launcher & it works on the Latest Firmware

Wow, the hits just keep rolling in for the 3DS hacking scene. Smealum, has done what everyone one has been waiting for and that is, the 3ds is not bound to just one region any more.


The 3DS is region free, now this is amazing news for everyone that wants to buy imports. Smealum as just released this region free hack/softmod. I know everyone can agree with me that this something we all been waiting for, 🙂 Unfortunately it only works on the old 3DS but still ..Great job Smealum..

How to use

  • Download Launcher.dat from the repo (or compile it yourself)
  • Copy Launcher.dat to the root of your SD card
  • Insert the game you want to run into your 3DS and power it up
  • Open the “Download Play” application
  • Hit the home menu button, but do not exit the Download Play application (keep it running in the background)
  • Open the Web Browser applet
  • Go to Gateway’s exploit page (not linking directly to it here because not a fan of their whole piracy thing they’ve got going)
  • Wait a few seconds; screen should turn black and after a bit your game should boot up !

3DS regionthree-Master


Source: Smealum

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