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How to play NES, Sega Genesis, & GBA cartridges on the Super Nintendo

These adapters for your Super Nintendo or even a clone SNES can let you play GBA, NES, and Sega Genesis cartridges they are called Retroport for the NES, RetroGEN for Sega Genesis, and then the Super Retro Advance for GBA to work on the SNES. All these adapters are made by Retro-Bit and they only use part of the SNES to play other cartridges as you will have to hook up RCA cable to the TV from the adapter for them to work.

retro snes

The first one is the Retroport for NES cartridges, now it’s not too big and doesn’t stick out of the SNES system too much. Now if you have a lot of Japanese carts it doesn’t look too bad but the US monster carts well then it’s kind of big, when you have it all stacked on the system. It’s even bigger than compared to the old Sega genesis and its add-on like the 32x that was pretty big on top of the system.nes-a-snes-retro-bit-retroportNES carts

Now you are going to have to plug in the RCA cable to get a Video signal as these adapters only use part of the SNES to help emulate the NES. It’s nice being able to use the SNES controller on all your favorite classic games, it also handles the colors and sounds quite well. Not every game is going to work as well as other but for the most part, it plays a lot of games and does a great job doing it.

The Retoport goes for about $20.00, you can find them on Amazon here.retro gen2The RetroGEN Adapter is to play Sega Genesis on the SNES now this just like the Retro port but with this one, it doesn’t stick out as bad since the Genesis carts are pretty small compared to US NES carts. Just like the Retroport you have to use an RCA plug to get video signal and it only uses part of the SNES to do the work.Review-On-RetroGen-Genesis-to-SNES-770x418

Once again it does a great job emulating the Sega Genesis and even the sound is amazing. It doesn’t seem to have any problem playing any games from either the Mega Drive system or Genesis. It’s reported to have some problems with TVs and will output a messed up video signal but it doesn’t do it to every TV. Out of the 5 in my house it only did it to 1 of them and that because it was a new TV that doesn’t have RCA cables and use a converter box on it as it’s more of a display than a TV. It’s also reported to be able to use the Sega master system converter and allowing you to play even more games with your SNES.

The RetoGen goes for about $20.00, you can find them on Amazon here.

snes gba2
The last one is the Super Retro Advance also made by RetroBit and unlike the Super boy that was made for the SNES this to also needs you to use RCA cable to get it to display on your TV. Just like the other adapters, this does a great job with colors and gameplay is very smooth. No report of display problems or certain games not working but the Super Retro Advance can only do GBA games and can not do GB or GBC games. It has a game link connector to it so you can play your friends that might still have thier GBA. Now this won’t replace your Super Gameboy but now your SNES can be one heck of a retro gaming system with these great adapters.snes and gba

The Super Retro Advance goes for $36 and you get them on Amazon here.

It really cool that these emulation adapters are out there and turn your SNES is to so much more. I know you can get a clone system out there but to turn the SNES into a four system player and use the Sega Master system adapter for the Genesis is great in my book as the SNES is one of my favorite systems with an awesome controller.


Let us know in the comments below if you get one of these adapters or just buy a clone to do the job. Oh and they even work on the retro duo portable and would probably work on the supaboy too as you won’t need the RCA cable for it for the Retro DUO. retro-duo-portable


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  1. I seriously don’t understand how there’s a market for things like this…

    • The retro gaming market is bigger then you think, have you ever went to one of the retro events? They are crazy with adapters and all things retro..

      • It just blows my mind that people spend so much money to have old hardware periphials, when most if not every game this supports is available on fantastic PC emulators.

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