How to install over 700+ games to the NES Mini with hakchi

With the newest update to hakchi there are no more game limitson the NES mini, well there still is but that because of the internal storage. So far over 800+ roms have been tested with this update. It also supports folders & pages that it will automatically create and sort games alphabetically.


It’s been working fine with 700+ games and there are no errors. Now it only has 512mb of free space that you can use on the NES mini and would say you could probably get well over 800 roms into it before damaging it. Also always make sure to backup the original kernel before making any changes to it.


If you are still looking for an NES mini you can always check out to see if any are in stock near you.


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  1. What do you do when it tells you it cant find the device or its “unknown” so it wont install the drive?

  2. I got the mini to connect, but now I cant get it to dump the kernel. it keeps saying error