Media Go update stops PlayStation Store support

A few changes are going to happen to Media Go software that most people use for their PSP, PSPGO & even the Vita. If you never used Media Go then you have nothing to worry about, but if you don’t know Media Go is a free multimedia management app that runs on Windows. It manages your content on Sony family products including Sony Mobile phones, the PSP, Walkman, and Sony Tablets.  After the Media Go update on October 24th, 2016, you will find that Media Go will no longer support the PlayStation Store.

We really shouldn’t be surprised by this. As most of us know all things Sony come to an end, just like the PSP having access to PSN, but I believe HENkaku may have had a little extra push in this update. What I mean by that is you could download a game you bought, let’s say a PS1 game for example like Crash Bandicoot you could use Media Go get the RIF file so you could officially put it on the Vita. Just like that day, we could download every game in the store. You could also do this with a CFW PS3 too but Media Go made things very easy to do once HENkaku was released. Now that’s just me thinking outside the box as this is just another one of those things Sony is shutting

Here is what Sony had to say about the changes and how you can access your content after the Media go update.

Only PSP E1000 owners (no WI-FI)


After 17/10/2016 you can’t download and install games or PlayStation Video purchases from PlayStation Store through Media Go so you need to download your content by that day.

PSP owners except, PSP E1000 owners

After 17/10/2016 you can’t download and install games or PlayStation Video purchases from PlayStation Store through Media Go –you’ll need to download these using other methods (methods not valid for PSP E1000 models).

ALL PSP owners

After 17/10/2016 you can’t activate or deactivate your PSP via Media Go, but there are other methods you can use*.

*All methods are applicable for all PSPs including PSP E1000 models except the “To deactivate your PSP on your PSP” method, which is not valid for PSP E1000 models.

PlayStation Video on Media Go

You can’t activate or deactivate Media Go on your PC for PlayStation Video playback. You do not need to deactivate your PC to continue using it to watch PlayStation Video – simply stream your videos instead. If you would like to deactivate Media Go for PlayStation Video contacts us by email.

You can’t download PlayStation Video purchases to Media Go, but you can continue to view your videos by streaming them to your PC or another compatible device.

You can view content that you have previously downloaded to Media Go and played, provided Media Go is still activated. Any videos that you have downloaded and not played can’t be watched through Media Go. Stream these videos to your PC or view them on another compatible device.

How to access your content on an alternative device

Choose the device you want to use for full instructions.

After the Media Go update scheduled on October 18th, 2016, SIE does not warrant the function of the above-listed features regardless of which Media Go version is used.  If you wish to use Media Go to play back PlayStation Video content, you will need to activate Media Go for PlayStation Video content playback and to play the content at least once on Media Go before the update is made available.

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  1. Hey did you get a press release or an email or something about this? Can you post a link about it? Because I can’t find anything on about it and it’s kinda important.

  2. My bad I totally left out the source.