3DS: OTPLess Arm9LoaderHax Installer for n3DS

Yep you can now install Arm9LoaderHax on your n3DS without the hacky downgrade to 2.1 which it was never supposed to run anyway. This will be the same as normal Arm9LoaderHax once installed. This has been made possible by a vulnerability found by Myria, dark_samus, mathieulh (independently), plutoo (independently) + others.3DS Arm9LoaderHax Masterrace

This is only possible on a new 3DS because the old3DS lacks the backup copy of the secret sector needed for this to work. On o3ds you already need to know the OTP to be able to mess with the secret sector. Be aware though that this is still WIP and pre-release software so there is that tiny tiny chance of bricking. To be honest though only 2 bricked n3DS systems are known by now and both have been User Error or they never heard back from them and it’s just as safe as downgrading to 2.1 which the n3DS was never supposed to do. So without further talk let’s get straight to the installation process 😉

n3DS on Firmware 9.2 (If you are on any FW above 9.2 just follow this guide to downgrade)
Access to the 3DS Homebrew Launcher
OTPLess A9LH Installer

1. Download UnSafeA9LHInstaller and extract it. Copy all the files and folders to the root of your 3DS SDCard.
2. Boot the Homebrew Launcher and start UnSafeA9LHInstaller. Press select to install Arm9LoaderHax
3. You’re done ^^ Now you should have arm9loaderhax installed and you can setup Luma3DS or any other preferred 3DS CFW that uses Arm9LoaderHax

Yes, that’s all that’s needed to install Arm9LoaderHax now ^^ That’s like 30 seconds compared to around 6 hours of downgrading, making tons of NAND Backups, biting your nails, hoping that it works and when it finally worked feeling like you’ve walked 3 days straight uphill. Many Thanks to all the devs who made this possible and I hope to see more cool stuff on the 3DS even though I have no idea what could possibly get any better now 😀


Once you are, all set up check out the FEEShop you can get it here. and here


Source: GBATemp, 3DSBrew (Exploit Information)

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  1. The Freeshop is better than Ciaangel which I did not think was possible to bad Vita doesn’t have a way to access the servers for PS store lol.

  2. Now we just need NDS mode fully hacked and ill have everything i need on my 3ds.

  3. This sounds amazing, but you never actually get your OTP? Isn’t that still useful in case you accidentally brick in the future?

    • Yeah sadly you can’t get your otp since you’re above FW 2.1. That’s why I would still do the old way just to have the otp because it could be useful in the future. But for those who just want quick and fast CFW this is the quickest and fastest way

  4. What’s the point in Arm9 from Outer Space or whatever it’s called? If I’m going to take a risk with my 3DS, however small, I’d like to know the benefits.

    • CFW at boot time (8Secs to CFW), Recovery options in case you fuck up sysNAND and can’t be uninstalled by Nintendo (As long as you use CFWs with write protection, Gateway doesn’t have write protection)

      • Okay, that sounds handy. How safe is it to downgrade to 9.2? That’s the sticking point for me… the Arm9Loader installation part sounds incredibly easy.

        • It also has that tiny Brick risk but for that you need to either use the wrong downgrade files or let the battery run out while downgrading.

          • None of that happened, thank goodness! Everything went fine; I’ve got Luma3DS on the system and even managed to re-link it to my NNID. Thanks for the help!