3DS: Firmware 11.1.0-34 released & it blocks most Hax

Yep Nintendo is back it again with a new Firmware update for the 3ds which blocks most of the 3DS Hax. The only confirmed working Hax on 11.1 right now, are oot3dhax, steelhax and HBLoader v1.2 for CFW Users. CFW Users are luckily not hit by this update though :D. Pretty much every CFW even old rxtools works just fine and can be updated to 11.1.

The only CFW to be confirmed not working right now is NTR CFW but this is said to be fixed by downgrading the HomeMenu. If you are using Arm9LoaderHax just make sure to have a CFW that protects the Firm Partition. Pretty much every A9LH CFW does this but just check before you update, you don’t wanna end up with an OFW 3DS on 11.1 😉 Gateway is another thing, though. Yes, you can update if you use emuNAND but as always Gateways OSD won’t work because of some ARM11 changes. If you are on Gateway sysNAND you won’t be able to update anyway because Gateway sysNAND only works with 10.7.

Here is s short summary from user zoogie over at GBATemp on what got changed in this update

  • Most entry points (freakyhax steelhax etc) temporarily broken because a new home menu was introduced. Should be fixable in most circumstances. Don’t update.
  • httpwn is reported still working so you don’t have to update to access online services. Update: very mixed results actually. May not work for everybody.
  • Basicsploit and smilehax are kill on 11.1 via a forced update to vers 3.3.2. Don’t update.
  • Looks like a9lh and other cfw emunands are working on 11.1 based on early reports. Make sure you have a CTRNAND backup on 11.0 before updating a9lh and use a CFW that has firm protect (hint: luma3ds)
  • NTR cfw is broken for firmware 11.1. Update: users have reported downgrading home menu allows NTR to work. Make a nand backup before trying this.
  • Gateway’s OSD is broken as usual due to arm11 kernel changes.
  • Dsiware downgrade will probably (not fully tested) work now but you have to use oot3dhax (entrypoints are very limited now) to downgrade the full firmware to 9.2. Stay tuned to the plailect guide for further details!
  • Sky3ds works. :0 This message is not endorsed by me and I am not endorsed by the Chinese flashcard mafia k thx. XD

Entrypoints working on 11.1:

  • oot3dhax
  • steelhax
  • hblauncher_loader 1.2 (CIA/cfw *hax loading)

If you want further information about what exactly got changed in this update you can look here in 3dbrew

Source: GBATemp, Smealum, Qlutoo

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