3DS homebrew installer released

Earlyier today Filo97 released a homebrew installer for all of Rinnegatamante homebrew and tools he has made for the 3DS.  Now have used quite a few of Rinnegatamante tools & homebrew before, an I got to say he does a great job with all of them. This will install everything avabile at rinnegatamante.it , here’s a list of homebrew & tools it will install and what Filo97 had to say about the homebrew installer.3ds homebrew installer
I made an “installer” for Rinnegatamante’s homebrews using @d0k3’s ZIP3DSFX.
I will keep this up-to-date by updating the homebrew regularly so that it will have every latest release, it includes both 3dsx and CIA format (except for sunshell) (not .3ds) but not the PC utilities.DISCLAIMER: I DIDN’T MADE ZIP3DSFX OR ANY HOMEBREW INCLUDED INTO THE INSTALLER.
ZIP3DSFX IS BY d0k3 AND THE HOMEBREWS ARE BY Rinnegatamante (I also had been allowed by the creators of the homebrews
– Games –3DS Briscola – Briscola card game.
3DSHangman – Hangman game.
3DSudoku – Sudoku game.
4Rows – Connect4 game.
Asteroids 3D – 3D Asteroids clone.
ctrHexenII – Hexen II port.
ctrWolfen – Wolfenstein 3D port.
Labyrinth 3D – 3D maze game.
PixelRoad – small homebrew game.
WANT3D – “Wanted!” minigame clone from Super Mario 64 DS.

– Tools –

3DSurfer – WAV Audio Player.
BLEND3R – Open-source 3D model viewer.
Big Red Menu – legal CIA manager.
CHMM/CHMM2 – Custom Home Menu Manager for custom themes.
DSP Firmware Dumper – Tool to dump DSP firmware included in NH2.5 payloads.
LUA Player Plus 3DS – LUA interpreter.
NASA – Universal CIA Manager for firmware between 4.1 and 10.6.
NVRAM Flash Manager – WiFi NVRAM manager. It also allows you to recover your saved hotspot passwords.
Ninjacam – takes silent photos.
ORGANIZ3D – Multifunctional file browser.
Purgification – Notifications purger and dumper tool.
RayCast3D – 3D Game Engine for Lua Player Plus.
Sunshell – Multifunctional shell.
The Sharing of Isaac – Savegame butt system and PC/3DS savegame sharing tool for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.
Y.A.R.U. – RegionFree game cartridge launcher.

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